Sunday, February 15, 2015

Good For Everyone

Here on the blog we will continue to refer to our birth mother and birth father as “A” and “B,” respectively, for their privacy.

One of the benefits of being matched with our birth parents for approximately 18 weeks before our baby girl is born is that we have plenty of time to develop a strong relationship with both “A” and “B.”  We felt a strong connection with “A” after our very first phone call back in November, and over the many weeks since then we have continued to communicate with her on a regular basis via text and telephone.  We receive weekly updates via email from our adoption agency regarding “A,” but talking to her directly is what has really helped us to connect as individuals. 

Our visit to Houston in December was encouraging and further deepened our understanding and respect for the difficult decisions that “A” & “B” have made to share their daughter’s life with us.   After our visit in December, “A” expressed that she hoped we could visit again before the baby was born and she was hopeful that Finnley might join us on a visit so she could meet her.  Cost was a major concern for us, but as always, God provides for us in ways we can’t imagine!  Chris and I had had some travel delays with our first trip to Houston, which at the time was very frustrating, but after filing a complaint with American Airlines asking for reimbursement for our lost hotel and rental car expenses, they gave us free vouchers toward future air fare with them! 

This past weekend, we were able to make a quick flight to Houston with Finnley, and it was so good for everyone that we did.  We’ve always wanted to make sure that Finnley felt like she was really a part of the adoption process, and letting her meet “A” was great for her.  Meeting the woman carrying her future sister made everything much more “real” for her.  She had so much fun meeting “A” and “B” and playing with their dog, June.  It was hard not to get a little choked up when we went with “A” to the public beach in Galveston, and “A” took Finnley’s hand and stepped out into the waves with her.  In a way, it was like Finnley and her little sister were already sharing a moment by stepping into the ocean together, and, like this adoption as whole, “A” was the one bringing them together.  We got a picture of it, and it is one of our favorites from the trip.
We really enjoyed our day in Galveston, admiring the interesting architecture of the older homes and getting lunch at a charming café overlooking the ocean.  In addition to dipping our toes in the ocean and collecting shells, we also enjoyed a $10.00 boat tour of the harbor where we saw a few dolphins and some of the larger ships that regularly pass through. Unexpectedly, it was also the very beginning of the local Mardi Gras celebrations, and although we didn't participate in the festivities, there were plenty of parade floats and crazy costumes to make things interesting!

We hope it was equally good for “A” to see the excitement Finnley has for being a big sister in the future.  She let her put her hand on her stomach when the baby was pushing on it, and Finnley’s face really lit up.  We’ve always known that Finnley will be a great big sister and we’re glad “A” had a chance to see that, too, and that it will hopefully reinforce her already strong commitment to continue with her adoption plan. 

Chris and Finnley made the journey home safely on Sunday, while I stayed behind an extra day to get a tour of the hospital where the baby will be delivered and spend some one-on-one time with “A.”  I’ll share my own crazy, nerve-racking journey home with you in our next post…

An astronaut cow?? We couldn't resist taking a picture for Bev!

Finnley was fascinated with the palm trees and brought home a piece of bark that had fallen off the tree to show her classmates.

Finnley's first steps in the ocean!

On the harbor cruise, looking intently at the water for dolphins...

Returning to the hotel after spending the day in Galveston (and snagging some beads from the Mardi Gras parade floats!)

Finnley was so excited to see green grass and flowers - our camera is filled with pictures she took of the ground!

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