Friday, February 27, 2015

What’s in a Name?

We are in the final weeks of waiting… 

It’s hard to believe that it has been 15 weeks since we received THE call from our adoption agency.  On that day, 15 weeks ago, we were nervously anxious and (obviously) excited to find out that we had been chosen by a birth mother!  Now, 15 weeks later, we are still nervously anxious (like any soon-to-be parents), and probably even more excited, but now our focus has shifted from being grateful that we were chosen by a birth mother to being grateful that we were chosen by OUR birth mother.  We are blessed with a situation where we feel comfortable with our birth parents and we are very hopeful that we will have a successful placement and open adoption in the month of March!  That isn’t to say that there hasn’t been drama (oh, there’s been drama!) and our birth mother can still change her mind before signing the adoption paperwork, but we have faith that God will be with all of us in these final weeks as we wait for the arrival of our baby girl! After our failed match in the fall, it was hard to contemplate putting ourselves out there again for birth mothers to look at and risk having it happen again. But now, in hindsight, it’s clear that everything happens for a reason.  We are strong believers in the power of prayer and we ask for your continued support as we near the due date!

One thing we get asked about a lot is whether we have picked a name for our baby girl.  The answer is yes. When we started our adoption journey, one of the first things Finnley wanted to do was make lists of potential baby names.  She wrote the girl names in pink highlighter and the boy names in green highlighter.  Once we found out that we were expecting a baby girl, we started going through our favorite names together.  All 3 of us had a different favorite, and they were all VERY different (Finnley likes Elizabeth and Maisie, Chris likes June, and I like Adeline and Evie) – but there was one name that we all agreed that we loved.  I’m not going to spoil it by telling all of you the name before she is born (although some of you may already know what it is), but it’s a name that our birth mother liked as well, which was important to all of us.

We haven’t settled on a middle name yet, so we thought maybe all of you would like to give us some input! We brought a list of potential middle names to Texas on our last trip and ask our birth mother what her favorite was. “A” told us which names she liked, but made it clear that the decision was ours to make, as the baby will be ours to name.  We’ve listed the middle names (and respective meanings) that we are considering below.  Please feel free to vote for your favorite!  We are going to make the final decision ourselves, this isn’t a competition where the most popular name wins, but we’d love to hear your thoughts! 

The first name we have chosen ends with an “-ah” sound….think Sara or Ella.

….a Stella Bernice (Christy & Chris's maternal grandmothers first names, respectively)

….a June  (Chris likes the name June, "A's" puppy is named June)

….a Marie (Christy and her Mom’s middle name)

.…a Elizabeth  (Finnley loves the name Elizabeth, Elizabeth means “gift from God”)

And, while you are clicking around on the blog voting for your favorite middle name - consider checking out our Pure Charity matching grant fundraiser.  We are in the final days and getting closer to our goal (only 10 days to donate!) - remember, every dollar that is donated will be DOUBLED by the MICAH fund!  And thank you to everyone that has already made a donation.  We can't thank you enough!

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