Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Nursery Tour

We've waited so long for this, it's hard to comprehend that we are only days away from the BIG day!  Okay, "days" is stretching it a bit...but technically the remaining time-frame can be measured in days at this point, so I'm going to stick with it!   An induction date has been set, so we know the longest possible time before we'll meet Baby Bonfig.  However, "A" could go into labor anytime now, so we are hopeful that we might get a phone call that puts us in motion before then!  I think there is only one person in the world who is more anxious to have Baby Bonfig enter the world than I am, and that is "A."  For those of you who have given birth, I'm sure you understand the level of discomfort that comes with being 37/38 weeks pregnant!  

Because of all the unknowns and "what if's" that come with the adoption process, it took me a long time to reach a point where I was comfortable decorating the nursery and "nesting."  A couple weeks ago, my Mom and Dad came down to help us get everything organized and set-up in the nursery.  We don't have everything that we'll eventually need, but we have enough to get started, and that's perfect for us right now!

Before we get into the pictures and nursery tour, I'd like to ask for your continued prayers as we head into the home-stretch of our adoption process.  Please pray that the Lord would prepare our family of three to become a family of four.  Pray that the Lord would keep our baby safe and healthy.  Pray the Lord would bless "A" and "B" (the birth parents) and continue to give them confidence and reassurance in their adoption plan.  Pray that the Lord would provide the finances necessary to carry us through these final weeks.  Pray for Finnley as a big sister and for us as new parents.  We've witnessed God's power in answered prayers and truly believe that His plan is always for our good!

Now, on to the pictures!  

The crib is filled with all of the items we will be taking with us to Texas when Baby Bonfig is born

Finnley laid out a "homecoming" outfit for the baby.  She is especially proud of the hat that her aunt made for her to share with her sister!

We decided to go with a starter pack of Tommee Tippee brand bottles...  Once baby gets here, I'm sure she'll let us know what her preferences are!

This is the same rocking chair Chris used when Finnley was a baby!

Finnley going through the baskets of clothes/sleepers in the closet...  Actually, most of those baskets are empty right now...  We don't have a ton of clothes yet, mostly newborn and 0-3 month items - but I'm sure that'll change soon!

Finnley thinks baby "bloomers" are hilarious.  She wanted to use this pair as a mask!

We are ready for baby to join us at the pool this summer!

Finnley practicing with the car seat....

Finnley and Daddy attempting to put a diaper on a stuffed animal...

She's so proud of herself!

We are very excited about this baby book - it's made for adoptive families and has pages for information regarding the birth family, finalization, etc.
We'll let you all in on a little surprise for our birth mother - we had a friend make two matching blankets, one adult-size and one baby-size. After the paperwork has been signed, we plan to give "A" her hand-made blanket and we'll keep the baby blanket with us.  That way, "A" and baby will always share their matching blankets!  There are many ideas out there for birth mother gifts (jewelry, gift baskets, etc), but we felt this was the best fit for our situation and relationship with "A."

And of course - the outtakes!  It's impossible to get this girl in front of a camera and not have her making faces and doing silly stuff!

Finnley and Daddy have been trying to perfect their fake fight pictures - I've got about 100 different pictures of various angles/expressions/positions.  Seriously.

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