Sunday, May 17, 2015

So Loved

We finally received Maya's printed birth announcements this week, so we spent the weekend addressing envelopes and (finally) writing thank you's...  It was incredibly heartwarming to think back on all of the support we received from friends, family, and acquaintances during our adoption journey!  Looking back and remembering everyone who supported our fundraiser last fall, the people who donated to our MICAH fund matching grant, the people who gave us words/prayers of encouragement and support, and those of you who have sent cards & gifts since Maya's arrival.  They say that it takes a village to raise child - for us, it took a village to help us bring our child home!  Maya may not realize it yet, but she is already so loved by the many people who supported us during the last year!

I promise to update the blog a bit more frequently (how many times can I say that before it actually starts happening?!?!).  Maya has been keeping us busy with middle of the night "meetings", practicing her lung exercises numerous times per day, and frequent outfit changes...and we wouldn't trade a moment of this precious time with her!

So thank you again, to all of you.  Without you, we wouldn't be where we are today with a family of four!

If you are friends with either of us on Facebook, I'm sure you've seen our picture updates....but for those of you who aren't on social media, here are a couple of recent pictures:

Just chillin' in Daddy's hat

The perpetual look of disdain for having her picture taken!

Seriously?  More pictures?

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